Perio-Analyse ®

Identification and quantification
of periodontal-pathogenic species in
real-time PCR and cell culture…



Quantitative and qualitative
diagnosis of bacterial load in saliva
to diagnose the risk of caries.


Oncoral ™

Evaluating Oral Cancer Risk
by Testing Human Saliva



How to prevent and control water contamination on dental unit using UNIT-ORAL Water Testing



Post-Operative Cryotherapy
Face Mask with FREEZSNOW Cold Pouches

Welcome to Noveo

Biotechnology for personalized oral therapy
Institut Clinident has developed innovative and precise diagnosis procedures for various oral infectious diseases using gingival crevicular fluid and saliva.
The technology used is real time PCR (based on microbial, yeast & mold and viral genotyping) and mass spectrometry (based on volatile organic compound “VOC”).
Noveo and Institut Clinident will provide a rapid analytical service along with technical support for better treatment and prevention:

  • Periodontal disease
  • Peri-implantitis infection
  • Caries disease
  • Oral cancer risk
  • Unit Oral
Noveo Labo

Clinical products informations

Monitoring the caries risk

“Based on molecular biology technology, caries risk analysis from a simple saliva test is available today.”
Dr Chaubron, Institut Clinident, brings 22 years of experience